An Research of the STORY BOOK Composition in Charlotte Brontes Novel, Jane Eyre

An Research of the STORY BOOK Composition in Charlotte Bronte's Novel, Jane Eyre

Jane-Eyre Essay

Fairy tales generally revolve around a rags-to-riches history of a protagonist that is down on the luck often right from the start of the story. This protagonist generally faces challenging hardships and obstacles early within their life before ultimately seeing almost all their dreams come true ultimately. Among this story book story would be Cinderella where the key protagonist begins poor and eventually ends up fulfilling her dreams and getting enjoyment. In the novel Jane Eyre, compiled by Charlotte Bronte, a lot of this story book structure can be seen. The primary protagonist, Jane Eyre, includes a life that follows many of the cliches that commonly stick to that of a story book.

One of the biggest story book cliches that Jane Eyre’s life follows is her early home lifestyle. During her childhood Jane Eyre resided with three cousins and her unloving aunt who used her following the death of Jane’s father and mother. Jane’s adoptive family includes a great disdain for her. She gets abused, verbally and actually, and is merely generally hated by everyone in her home except for a sort maid who tries showing kindnesses to her. Jane’s older cousin, John Reed, sums up this disdainful sentiment when he tells Jane “.you certainly are a haven't any money, your father still left you none; you ought to beg,rather than to live below with gentlemen’s kids like us…” in fact it is this sentiment that provides Jane the motivation to flee from her oppressive prison and


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