An Examination of the Surge of Amenhotep IV to the Throne in Old Egypt

An Examination of the Surge of Amenhotep IV to the Throne in Old Egypt

Amenhotep IV ascended the throne of Egypt following death of his dad, Amenhotep III. This fresh ruler became different in nearly every method from both his predecessors and the pharaohs who ruled after him. The objective of this essay is to provide the problems of religion, art, architecture, literature and overseas policy with regards to the rule of the unique pharaoh.

Newby (1980) states that the virtually all visible difference rested in the religious beliefs of Amenhotep IV. Before, Egypt had worshipped various gods, but under this latest pharaohs rule, polytheism will be replaced by a religion that believed within a god. In another of his first decisions as pharaoh, Amenhotep IV proclaimed Aten to get the just true god, and named himself substantial priest of the deity (Weigall, 1923). The symbol of this new god highlighted rays drawn from a solar disk with each ending in a little hand stretched out as though in benediction total lands (Mayer & Prideaux, 1961). This new faith advocated by the pharaoh was a lot more than the easy worship of sunlight itself, his god was the intangible strength that penetrated the planet earth in the suns rays and gave everything life. His motivated his supporters to worship in truth, easily and without lavish ceremony. Weigall (1923) states that is unquestionably the most enlightened religious beliefs the world had ever known. In the 6th season of his reign, to help expand signify his repudiation of Aten and show his devotion to his god, he changed his brand to Akhenaten, this means Glory of Aten.

Because of developing opposition by the excessive priest


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