An Analysis of the usage of Symbols in The Cup Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

An Analysis of the usage of Symbols in The Cup Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

Symbols certainly are a tool writers prefer to use to help make the readers think deeper in to the meaning and concept of their tales. The Cup Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is packed with these symbols. There happen to be three significant symbols that seem to be most significant. The first major symbol can be fire. The symbol of fire for Tom can be a symbol of escape. Tom first of all uses fire in the kind of cigarettes. Amanda: (He rises and crosses downstage.) Youre not really excused from the Tom: I am obtaining a cigarette (164).

He escapes conversations and arguments by heading outside and smoking cigarettes a cigarette. Another exemplory case of this get away is when his mom tells him he should save his funds and head to night university. He replies Id rather smoke cigarettes(Williams 181). Tom uses smoking to flee social situations, which he finds unwanted and uncomfortable.

Tom also actually uses the light from fire to flee other forms of entrapment. Tom then simply uses fire in the picture where he drops his essential. Because the light from the meet never fell after the main element this helped to help Tom in his get away. As the account progresses fire becomes even more and more connected with Toms desire to leave.

Another form of escape by method of fire may be the fire get away itself. The fire escape represents different varieties of escape for every single main


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