An Analysis of the primary Persona in Macbeth, a Take up by William Shakespeare

An Analysis of the primary Persona in Macbeth, a Take up by William Shakespeare

Throughout William Shakespeare's Macbeth, many character types evolve and

many disappear into the background. The primary personality, Macbeth (MB for

short), travels through utter chaos when he proclaims himself monarch.

When he first satisfies the witches of the supernatural, they simply tell him of

the future. Among the themes amplified through the entire play is the

circle of life, right from the start to the finish. The visions supplied by

the three witches start Macbeth's search for dominance. The three key

effects of this motif are: the loss of life of Macbeth's family and friends.

Second, the deaths of his mortal enemies. The last stage may be the death of

himself. The supernatural amplifies the topic of death.

From the first brief face of the witches, to the previous nightmarish

visions that Macbeth has, many good friends and family members have died

because of his visions with the supernatural. The loss of life of his wife in

Act V, Scene IV is the loss of life that transmits him over the abyss and into

mental instability. Lady


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