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In the trenches

In the
Trenches, Part 4



“What are
you smiling about?” Dean griped half-heartedly.  The truth was, just seeing
Cas staring up at him after he’d been all but lifeless in his lap for what
seemed like an endless amount of time had been enough for him to forgive and
forget, but he had a reputation to defend, here.

apologise if I frightened you, Dean.  I assure you it was unintentional.” 

With no
warning whatsoever, the daylight disappeared.  Dean blinked his eyes to
adjust to the sudden darkness, and before long he could clearly make out the
Impala’s interior.  He was in the passenger seat, and next to him sat
Castiel, his expressive eyes betraying a mix of guilt and concern.

straightened out in the seat, his eyes darting everywhere at once.  The last
thing he remembered was being in the Emergency Room giving blood.  He had no
idea how long he’d been trapped inside the Outer Limits of Castiel’s mind,
but it had obviously been a long time.  Long enough for the angel to hijack
him and his car and take them for a joyride.  And since when did angel’s
drive, anyway?  Did Cas even know how to drive?  Why hadn’t he just
snapped his fingers and transported them to Sam or Bobby or somewhere else
nice and safe?

“Do you
still keep hex bags in the trunk of your car?” Castiel asked.

nodded.  “Of course.  Never leave home without ‘em.”

let out an uncharacteristic sigh of relief and let his head fall back
against the seat.  It was only then that Dean truly looked at the angel. 
His eye was still swollen shut, and his leg was still splinted and sticking
out the open door.  Dean groaned inwardly at the thought of the angel
driving his car like that, and hoped he’d at least had the good sense to use
the seatbelt.

“Hey, are
you okay?” Dean asked, unable to resist placing a comforting hand on the
man’s shoulder.

rolled his head along the back of the seat to face him in the chilly
darkness of the car.  For a moment he just sat there, studying Dean’s face
as if assessing whether or not he could handle the truth.  Dean returned his
gaze steadily, doing his best to look unshakable.

“I am not
‘okay’,” Castiel admitted at last and rolled his head away to stare up at
the Impala’s ceiling.  “There was an…altercation earlier today.  Zachariah
tracked me to Red River, and he didn’t come alone.  He said that they had
been too easy on me, and that if I didn’t hand you over immediately, they
would cut me off from Heaven completely.  I refused.”

swallowed, his eyes wide in the darkness as he realised it was angels, not
demons, which he’d seen earlier in Castiel’s mind.  “Zachariah did this to
you?  So help me, I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch!” Dean growled.

“Not just
him.  He may have been the one who delivered the sentence, but it was the
remainder of my garrison that delivered my punishment.  In their eyes, I am
no longer one of them.  I believe it was their intention to leave me in the
mud to die a brief, agonising death like the mortals I chose to defend.” 
The angel turned again to face him, an inexpressible sense of loss emanating
from him.  “I was not meant to survive, Dean.  I should have died from the
injuries they inflicted upon me.”

His brow
wrinkled up in a frown as Dean tried to work out what Cas was trying to tell
him.  “What are you saying?  Are you telling me the only reason you’re alive
is because that douche bag Zach missed some of your mojo when he was
cleaning up shop?”

“It is
difficult to explain.  I am still an angel, Dean – I still have my Grace. 
It is only by my choice or by the will of God that it can be stripped from
me.  But without the support of my brothers and sisters, I am limited to
what energy can be safely stored in this vessel.  Our… ‘mojo’, as you call
it, is communal in nature.  With the angels actively closing ranks against
me, I have no access to the powers of Heaven.”

“So then,
you’re like a battery that needs recharging?” Dean suggested with a smirk.
  Castiel didn’t seem to find it funny, though, so he quickly shifted
gears.  “So if you’re tapped out of angel juice, then how is it you didn’t
die back there?”

angel’s expression became suddenly hooded, and Dean knew there was something
Cas wasn’t telling him.  Suddenly, the darkness beyond the driver’s side
window held a new fascination for Castiel, who remained resolutely silent
and refused to look at Dean.

Dean prodded.  “Anything you wish to share with the class?”

cast a quick glance in his direction and then away again before finally
shifting uncomfortably in his seat.  “I have a theory,” he said elusively,
nervously rubbing the back of his neck as he continued to avoid making eye
contact with Dean.

waited, but it seemed that was as much as Castiel was willing to dole out
for the moment.  Too tired to bother pushing the matter, Dean changed the
subject.  “Fine; if you’re gonna be that way about it.  We need to get back
on the road; Sammy is pinned down at a bar in Red River and those dirt
devils are hot on his ass.  He needs our help.”

climbed out of the car and was about to head around to the driver’s side
when he saw it.  “Cas?  What the hell!  What’d you do to my car?”  Even in
the dim moonlight he could clearly see the scrapes and dents along the side
of his precious Impala.

head popped up over the roof of the car; the toga-wearing angel looking at
him wide-eyed as he gingerly pulled himself up onto his feet.  The innocent
‘who, me?’ expression on his face was not fooling Dean, though.  He scowled
back at him, and then made a thorough inspection of his baby’s paint job as
he made his way around to the other side.  Wisely, Cas chose to limp his way
around the car in the opposite direction.  In his head, Dean attempted to
squelch his anger by slowly counting to ten as he waited for Castiel to
remove his splint and climb into the passenger seat.  He kept telling
himself that the angel’s intentions had been good, but even so…nobody messed
with the Impala.  Cas was just lucky Dean wasn’t the kind of guy who kicked
a dog when it was down, otherwise the angel would have a Dean-sized boot
lodged up his ass right now.

the car, Dean looked over at his passenger, about to demand directions back
to the highway, but the words died on his lips when his eyes fell on Castiel. 
His face was ashen and covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and he was
shivering so hard his teeth were clacking.  Add to that the pinched brows
and the shallow breathing and it was pretty obvious that Cas was in a great
deal of pain and being stubbornly stoic about it.  The frightening thought
occurred to Dean that maybe Cas wasn’t out of the woods just yet, and Dean
couldn’t risk taking him back out on the road without checking him out

turned off the ignition and yanked the key out.  They kept a well-stocked
first aid kit in the trunk, and Cas had found them a nice little hideaway to
use as a makeshift clinic.   Ignoring the other man’s confused gaze, Dean
slipped out of the car and popped the trunk.  He dug through a pile of
stakes and knives until his fingers felt the smooth, cold metal of the first
aid kit.  By the time he’d freed it from its resting place and pocketed some
of the ready-made hex bags he also kept in the trunk, Castiel had opened his
door and was attempting to get out of the car.

“Hold up,
Cas.  Let me give you a hand,” Dean said, tucking the kit under one arm
offering the other to help ease his friend back out of the Impala.

“I thought
you said Sam needed our help,” Castiel stated.

well it looks like you need more help than he does at the moment,” Dean
replied, expecting the angel to get all defensive and protest.  But instead,
Castiel looked up at him with such unbridled gratitude that it hit Dean like
a sucker punch to the gut.

hovered over the angel, wondering what the etiquette was on physical contact
– he wanted to give the guy some support, but there was so much…skin. 
Smooth and pale in the darkness, Castiel looked more otherworldly than he
ever had before; like a statue carved out of alabaster.  Of course, the toga
didn’t help to dispel the impression in any way.

on just sticking close in case Cas needed his help, Dean led the way up to
the cottage’s front porch, where he squatted in front of the door to pick
the lock.  It took longer than it should have because of the near-absolute
darkness, but at last the tumblers snicked into place and the knob turned
effortlessly in his hand.  He stood up just in time to see Castiel take a
nose dive in the direction of the porch steps.

his hunter’s reflexes kicked in and he was able to catch Castiel before he
hit the ground, but it was a near thing.  “Damn stubborn angel,” Dean
mumbled, as he struggled to drag him over the threshold into the inky black

A few
steps in Dean barked his shin on something low and sharp and guessed by its
proximity to the door that it was one of those bench seat thingies that the
cottage crowd loved so much.  Hoping he was right, Dean hefted Castiel over
it and eased him down.  He didn’t topple to the floor, so Dean considered it
a victory, and went off in search of a light source.  A quick grope of the
wall proved fruitful, and with a flip of a light switch, the little cottage
came to life with the flicker of generator-powered lamps.  From the
struggling hum of the protesting generator Dean had a feeling they wouldn’t
have lights for long.

the first aid kit on the floor at his feet, Dean turned his attention back
to Cas, who was conscious, but was slumped against the wall looking like he
desperately wished he wasn’t.  Fresh blood trickled down from the long cut
on his forehead and dripped from his eyebrow, leaving bright red spatters on
the sheet draped around him.

Cas.  You’re a mess, you know that?” said Dean as he kneeled in front of him
to get a closer look.  Cas was well enough to cast him an annoyed glare, at
least, Dean noticed. 

It was a
bit unnerving the way Castiel kept his eyes glued on him while Dean
carefully removed the bloodied hospital sheet.  If it had been Sammy, Dean
would have just yanked it off and tossed it away so he could help stitch up
whatever needed stitching, but with Cas… Dean swallowed hard as he realised
the angel had nothing on under the thin hospital gown, and it was gaping
open all the way down to his navel, leaving very little to the imagination. 
Not that Dean had ever imagined what Cas looked like naked.  Except for that
one time, when it was really hot and the sight of the angel looking all cool
as a cucumber in his trench coat made Dean want to forcefully rip the
clothes off him.  That incident had caused his mind to take an entirely
inappropriate detour; one that he’d be smart not to take again, especially
under these circumstances.

The lights
did a slow fade before flickering back on again, and Dean knew he had to be
quick.  With the angel still staring at him intently, Dean untied the gown
and pushed it off Cas’ shoulders, allowing the mint-green garment to pool
around his hips.  The sudden exposure caused them both to shudder, albeit
for different reasons, and Dean felt his face heating up.   All thoughts of
modesty flew out the window, however, when Dean spotted the large, black
bruise covering Castiel’s entire right flank.  He gently pressed his fingers
against it, and Cas’ responding shout was so loud it made Dean’s ears ring. 
If Cas’ mojo had still been intact, Dean had no doubt the little cottage
would have been window-free after that last outburst.

bleeding,” Dean cursed.  Knife wounds, bullet wounds; anything would have
been better news.  There was nothing Dean could do except cross his fingers
and hope that he could get Cas back to the hospital in time to save his

Dean,” Cas replied, as if he’d read his mind.  And maybe he had, for all
Dean knew.  “We cannot go back.  Before we left the hospital, I sensed the
approach of several demons.  They will be looking for us.”

“Well I’m
not gonna just leave you here,” Dean protested.  “There’s gotta be something
we can do.”

shook his head, his eyes squinching tight against the pain.  “It will leave
me almost entirely drained, but I believe I may be able to heal, given
enough time.  You should leave me here and return to your brother.”  His
good eye rolled open and fixed on Dean’s face, his expression packed with
guilt.  “I will be of little use to you from now on, Dean.  For that I am

  A flash
of anger sparked inside Dean, remembering all too well the words Cas used to
describe himself in the future; all but useless, powerless, hopeless…
There was no way Dean was going to let that particular future play out.  Not
if he had anything to say about it.

Cas.  The pity party stops right here.”  Dean grabbed hold of the angel’s
shoulders and looked him square in the eye.  “I don’t care if you can’t zap
us back to Kansas or fillet a demon with a touch of your finger: you’re one
of us, now, you got that?  And we stick together no matter what.  So no more
doom and gloom talk, understood?”

nodded, tight-lipped, and slowly slumped forward in Dean’s grasp, his
forehead coming to rest on Dean’s shoulder.  The sudden proximity sent a
jolt through Dean and he fought the knee-jerk reaction to shove the angel
away.  With his arms now awkwardly supporting his shivering, half-naked
friend, Dean ironically raised his eyes to Heaven and begged for strength. 
If this was some kind of test, he had the nasty suspicion he was going to
fail.  Big time.

generator chugged a few times and the lights dimmed again.  “Thank-you,”
Dean muttered, taking it as a sign that he needed to get his head out of the
gutter and get a move on.  He quickly scanned the cottage’s living area and
saw that the owners had left the place with a nice, dry stack of wood and
kindling next to the fireplace.  The sofa facing it was a hideous floral
pattern, but it looked comfortable enough and there was a thick afghan
folded neatly over the back of it.  With renewed purpose, Dean hoisted
Castiel to his feet and half-dragged him over to the couch.  He desperately
tried to ignore the fact that the hospital gown didn’t make the journey with
them, and he carefully averted his eyes as he arranged Cas on the cushions,
quickly covering him up with the blanket. 

Dean shook
his head at the ceiling, sure now that the mixed signals were some kind of
cosmic joke.

coughing generator reminded him that he was fighting the clock, and Dean
busied himself with starting a fire in the fireplace.  Within a minute he
had the logs placed and the kindling lit, and the flames were just beginning
to lick their way up towards the split logs when the generator finally gave
up the ghost.

When he
turned around, he saw that Castiel was asleep.  Or meditating.  Or comatose,
for all he knew.  The angel’s head was tilted at an uncomfortable angle, and
as Dean gently propped his head up with a throw pillow, he felt a pang of
something deep in his chest.  Concern, he told himself.  That’s all it was.

There was
nothing to do now but wait and worry.


Chapter 5

Back to Supernatural Fic


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Maricopa cabanas amateur baseball club / calendar

West Chandler Field:
250 S. Kyrene, Chandler, AZ

Snedigar Sports Complex:
4500 S. Basha Rd., Chandler, AZ

Kiwanis Batting Cages
6005 S. All-America Way, Tempe AZ

March 2009







1 –
3:30PM First Pitch
at West Chandler Field
2 3 4 –
6:00PM at Kiwanis Batting Cages
5 6 7 –
6:00PM First Pitch
at West Chandler Field
8 –
9:00AM First Pitch
at West Chandler Field
9 10 11 –
6:00PM at Kiwanis Batting Cages
12 13 –
7:00PM First Pitch
at West Chandler Field
14 –
6:00PM First Pitch
at West Chandler Field
15 16 17 18 –
6:00PM at Kiwanis Batting Cages
19 20 21
22 –
3:30PM First Pitch
at West Chandler Field
23 24 25 –
6:00PM at Kiwanis Batting Cages
26 27 28 –
3:30PM First Pitch
at West Chandler Field
29 30 31        

April 2009







      1 –
6:00PM at Kiwanis Batting Cages
2 3 4
5 –
12:15PM First Pitch
at Snedigar Complex #4

at Snedigar Complex #1
6 7 8 –
6:00PM at Kiwanis Batting Cages
9 10 11
12 13 14 15 –
6:00PM at Kiwanis Batting Cages
16 17 18 –
3:30PM First Pitch
at West Chandler Field
9:00AM First Pitch
at Snedigar Complex #4

at Snedigar Complex #1
20 21 22 –
6:00PM at Kiwanis Batting Cages
23 24 25
9:00AM First Pitch
at Snedigar Complex #1

at Snedigar Complex #4
27 28 29 –
6:00PM at Kiwanis Batting Cages

May 2009







          1 2 – PLAYOFFS
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 – SEMIFINALS
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 – CHAMPIONSHIP
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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  • The best way to Make Your Facebook App a Success
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    Liposomal glutathione

     Liposomal Glutathione with Vitamin C

    What is Glutathione:

    Glutathione is a naturally occurring protein and is considered the “master antioxidant” of the body.  It recycles Vitamin C and E so that they can work as an antioxidant on a continual basis in the body.  Glutathione also is recognized as having  high anti-inflammatory properties.

    Glutathione plays a crucial role in defending the body’s cells against oxidative stress.  In the body, hazardous substances occur naturally called free radicals pose a risk of harm to many tissues.  The body deploys an “antioxidant defense system” to hold.  Glutathione recycles Vitamin C and E so that they can work as an antioxidant on a continual basis in the body.

    The Challenge That Our Body Faces

    Our body loses about 15% of our glutathione levels, per decade, as we age.

    Therefore, a deficiency of glutathione plays a critical role in the aging process and in many diseases.


    • Is a bubble of fat that encapsulates the glutathione and protects the stomach from breaking down glutathione.  This is critical to enable the gluathione to enter the cells.  Without the liposomal glutathione delivery taking any other oral glutathione supplements would be  completely worthless!

     Vitamin C:

    • Key antioxidant
    • Acidity regulator
    • Also delivered in a liposomal bubble for maximum effectiveness


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    Key west havana cigar- purveyers of fine cigars

    Name Packaging Size Price


    Spanish Lonsdales-Maduro Single 6.5 x 42 $5.00 Spanish Lonsdales-Maduro Box of 25 6.5 x 42 $85.00 Spanish Lonsdales-Natural Length Single 6.5 x 42 $5.00 Spanish Lonsdales-Natural Length Box of 25 6.5 x 42 $85.00 Rothschild-Maduro  Single 4.5 x 50 $5.00 Rothschild-Maduro  Box of 25 4.5 x 50 $84.00 Rothschild-Natural Length Single 4.5 x 50 $5.00 Rothschild-Natural Length Box of 25 4.5 x 50 $84.00 Flor Fina 858-Maduro Length Single 6 x 47 $5.00 Flor Fina 858-Maduro Length Box of 25 6 x 47 18.00 Flor Fina 858-Natural Length Single 6 x 47 $5.00 Flor Fina 858-Natural Length Box of 25 6 x 47 18.00 Exquisito-Maduro Single 4 x 30 $2.00 Exquisito-Maduro Box of 50 4 x 30 $85.00 Exquisitos-Sun Grown Single 4 x 30 $2.00 Exquisitos-Sun Grown Box of 50 4 x 30 $85.00 Double Chateau Fuente-Maduro Single 6.75 x 50 $7.00 Double Chateau Fuente-Maduro Box of 20 6.75 x 50 18.00 Double Chateau Fuente-Natural Single 6.75 x 50 $7.00 Double Chateau Fuente-Natural Box of 20 6.75 x 50 18.00 Double Chateau Fuente-Sun Grown Single 6.75 x 50 $8.00 Double Chateau Fuente-Sun Grown Box of 20 6.75 x 50 40.00 Curly Head Delux-Maduro Single 6.5 x 43 $2.00 Curly Head Delux-Maduro Box of 25 6.5 x 43 $49.00 Curly Head Delux-Natural Length Single 6.5 x 43 $2.00 Curly Head Delux-Natural Length Box of 25 6.5 x 43 $49.00 Curly Head-Natural Length Single 6.5 x 43 $2.00 Curly Head-Natural Length Box of 40 6.5 x 43 $64.00 Cubanitos-Natural Length Tin of 10 4.25 x 32 $44.00 Cubanitos-Natural Length Box of 10 4.25 x 32 $30.00 Cuban Corona-Maduro Single 5.25 x 35 $4.00 Cuban Corona-Maduro Box of 25 5.25 x 35 $97.00 Cuban Corona-Natural Length Single 5.25 x 45 $4.00 Cuban Corona-Natural Length Box of 25 5.25 x 45 $97.00 Corona Imperial-Maduro Single 6.5 x 46 $4.00 Corona Imperial-Maduro Box of 25 6.5 x 46 00.00 Corona Imperial-Natural Length Single 6.5 x 46 $4.00 Corona Imperial-Natural Length Box of 25 6.5 x 46 00.00 Churchill-Maduro Single 7.25 x 48 $6.00 Churchill-Maduro Box of 25 7.25 x 48 15.00 Churchill-Natural Length Single 7.25 x 48 $6.00 Churchill-Natural Length Box of 25 7.25 x 48 15.00 Chateau Royal Salute-Maduro Single 7.63 x 54 $8.00 Chateau Royal Salute-Maduro Box of 10 7.63 x 54 $77.00 Chateau Royal Salute-Natural
    Single 7.63 x 54 $8.00 Chateau Royal Salute-Natural
    Box of 10 7.63 x 54 $77.00 Chateau Royal-Sun Grown Single 7.63 x 54 $9.00 Chateau Royal-Sun Grown Box of 10 7.63 x 54 $81.00 Chateau Cuban Belisco-Sun Grown Single 5.75 x 52 $6.00 Chateau Cuban Belisco-Sun Grown Box of 24 5.75 x 52 41.00 Canones-Maduro Single 8.5 x 52 $7.00 Canones-Maduro Box of 20 8.5 x 52 18.00 Canones-Natural Length Single 8.5 x 52 $7.00 Canones-Natural Length Box of 20 8.5 x 52 18.00 Chateau Royal-Sun Grown Single 7.63 x 54 $9.00 Chateau Royal-Sun Grown Box of 10 7.63 x 54 $81.00

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